Simple Pleasures, Find Hygge this Winter

Simple Pleasures, Find Hygge this Winter

There are many different ways to describe hygge but we see it as enjoying the simple pleasures in life. Pronounced “HUE-gah” this Danish word is a ritual in the Danish community and is all about spending more time with family and friends and finding ways to make us all more content with our lives during winter. Learning to appreciate the smallest of moments and allowing ourselves to become more content in our home. Hygge can not only make us happier but it can also get us through some of the bleakest times of the year.

Winter for some people can be an extremely hard time of year and we often have to look for alternative ways to mood boost but what if we could find joy in the simplest of things?

Enjoying a hot coffee, snuggling up on the sofa under a warm blanket, reading a good book by candle light or inviting someone round to share a slice of a freshly baked cake. Whatever simple pleasure we choose, share them and see how it changes the way we wander through the cold, bleak winter.

Home is where the heart is and whereever we call home, make that place a sanctuary where we can fully relax, rejuvenate and energise our wellbeing. Create an environment that is simple, comfortable and cosy. Use natural light and candles to create light pools which we can bask in as we enjoy a warming home cooked meal. Fill rooms with scents that lift our mood and leave the senses feeling awakened. Light a candle and enjoy the warm peachy tones that decorate the walls.

We should all try appreciating the simple moments our own homes this winter.

If you would like to add a Nordic touch to your home, then check out our hygge inspired products at the Beach Boutique website and embrace the warmth!

Get rid of your harsh lighting and create a warm glow with these one off hand painted lampshades.

Step away from Facebook and your phone and get your drawing pencils out instead. Colour away in the The Surf Girl’s Journal.

Snuggle up under a colourful wool blanket with a good book and enjoy some quiet time. Atlantic Blankets

Hygge is all about home cooking. So be inspired to make some super warming and tasty recipes from Guinness Stew to a tangy lemon slice in the Surf Cafe Cookbook and share with a friend.

Add a cosy, calming vibe to your home with beautifully scented candles like the St Eval candles - Tranquility Candle

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