6 Things Surfers Can’t Live Without

6 Things Surfers Can’t Live Without

There are a few things that every surfer needs to have in their life, whether you surf in warm or cold water.


Surf Wax is an absolute must and making sure you have the right wax for the right water temperature is important. We love SEXWAX, it grips well and smells great. This wax comes in Cold Water, Cool Water, Warm Water and that oh so special Tropical Water! Buy it HERE


Keeping our precious surfboards protected is important. Using a boardsock will mean that your board should get less dings and stays protected from the sun. There are so many different types of board sock and suit any style surfboard. We love the RipCurl Boardsock, it’s hardwearing and comes in some great fabrics. Buy it HERE


If you’re unlucky enough to ding your board, which does happen from time to time you will need to use a Ding Repair Kit. They are simple to use and can be a board saver if you’re on a surf trip and pick up a ding along the way. We love Ocean & Earth UV Solacure Resin Repair Kit. It has everything you will need and sets in 5 minutes. Buy it HERE


De-Waxing surfboards isn’t the most enjoyable thing to do but it does keep your board looking fresh and your wax sticky. Using a wax comb is the best way to remove old wax and we love the SAS Wax Comb, it’s 100% recycled plastic, unscented and uncolored. Buy it HERE



Whether you surf in warm or cold water the sun can still damage your skin and with skin cancer being a big concern for surfers it’s always good to stay safe and protect your skin. We love the Surfers Skin Ultra-Performance Waterproof Sun cream Spf 30+. It’s hardwearing, kind to your skin and smells really good. Buy it HERE


No surf wagon would be complete without a Sex Wax Air Freshener. Your car will no longer smell of smelly old wetsuits, instead you will be treated to tropical fragrances of Coconut, which are sure to brighten up any day! Buy it HERE

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