The Ultimate Travel Blog from SurfGirl Beach Boutique

The Ultimate Travel Blog from SurfGirl Beach Boutique

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Get ready for your Summer Surf Trip with the best products available, all at the Beach Boutique!


Planning Ahead

Our maps are the perfect way for you the get a head start in planning your Surf or Road Trip.

The Surf Trip Map is full of the best places to catch waves and also some hidden gems you probably never even knew about...


Also, something a bit different is the Bucket List Map! An illustrated world map of the most awesome destinations on Planet Earth, from big-name spots to little-known gems. 


For the Road

Bring a little Sex Wax into your life with the Sex Wax Coconut Air Freshener. Stops your car stinking of old wetsuits, wet dogs, small children or kebabs. 



The Northcore Hula Girl is the perfect companion for any road trip! She will add a bit of Hawaiian charm to any trip as she dances along to the tunes you are playing...


The Northcore Enamel Mug and Bamboo Thermal Flask make the perfect pitstop refresher kit!

The Bamboo Flask is ace at keeping your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot, while the Enamel Mug adds an element of cool to your beachside brew.  


And don't forget to pack up your lunch in this adorable RipCurl Lunchbox! 


Stay Protected


We all love being out in the sea when the sun is shining, but it's important to stay protected and ensure that your sunscreen is waterproof. (Especially if you're going to be out in the surf instead of sunbathing!)

Luckily we've got you covered with our range of sun protection at the Beach Boutique! 


Surfers Skin Sunscreen-Made by Surfers for the Surfer Surfers Skin Ultra-Performance Waterproof sunscreen SPF 30+ is specifically designed for those who enjoy getting in the sea in all conditions.


Available in 125ml and 40ml sizes. (40ml size is perfect for hand luggage when flying!) 

Also available in a LipBalm.


SexWax Sunscreen Proven safe.... Z-Cote, Transparent zinc oxide provides broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection. Zinc oxide has been used for centuries to protect and soothe the skin. 


We also have the SexWax Coconut LipBalm, only £2.99! 



And last but not least, your post surf chill essentials...


What better way to chill post surf than in a hammock?!

The Northcore Hammock is lightweight and comes in a handy travel bag aswell making it easy to carry to the beach or your fave chill spot.


Beach Towels

Whether you need it for a sunbathing or drying yourself off, everyone needs a towel at the beach, we've got some of the most gorgeous beach towels for you to browse...

Bali Towels

"BaliTowel represents a part of the rich Balinese culture, inspired from the traditional 
Sarong and the beach-life in Bali, it translates into a contemporary lifestyle item 
for all ages.
Each piece is a work of art. Using modern colorfast dyeing techniques and even hand weaving the patterns.
In this way we have created the perfect Holiday&Home item that embraces the tradition of Bali. 
BaliTowels are produced exclusively in Bali, where we emphasize on the “hand-made” concept. 
We really try to capture the Bali lifestyle."



These luxury heavyweight towels are inspired by Australia's iconic endless summer days, Joycie & Jules round towels are made especially for those who crave the sun-kissed summer life and are searching for unique and luxurious beach wear.

Whatever you plan to do this summer... make sure it includes a little sand, sea and Joycie & Jules round towels!


Ease your post surf changing faff with our changing robes and mats...

Pictured below - Northcore Grass Mat & Cover Up - Blue Chevron




 Take a look at our whole Travel Collection here.

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