BeeBee 'Whale Pod' Organic Cotton Beeswax Wrap - Mixed Pack


BeeBee 'Whale Pod' Organic Cotton Beeswax Wrap - Mixed Pack

This pack of three beeswax wraps is a great way to wrap your food the zero-waste way. With three handy wraps in a mix of sizes.

This pack includes:

  • 1x Large wrap (33cm x 33cm)
  • 1x Medium wrap (26cm x 26cm)
  • 1x Small wrap (18cm x 18cm)

BeeBee Wraps are made from colourful organic cotton, treated with beeswax, tree resin and organic jojoba oil. Combined, they make a self-adhesive food covering that forms a breathable seal, keeping food fresh and tasty for longer.

How to use: 

With warm hands, cover your food with your BeeBee wrap and wrap it tightly to form a breathable seal. Open up and enjoy your food! To clean, hand-wash in cold water and eco-friendly soap. If your wax is starting to lose its stickiness, iron between two sheets of greaseproof paper, peel away while damp and air dry. With love and care, your BeeBee will last a year. Once it's seen its last sandwich, you can compost your wrap with your food waste.

BeeBee wraps are not suitable for covering raw meat or fish, and cannot be used in a dishwasher or microwave.

Wrap your food the healthy and natural way with BeeBee Wraps. These beeswax wraps are ethically made in England from organic cotton, local beeswax, natural tree resin and organic jojoba oil. Wave goodbye to clingfilm or single-use plastics in your kitchen and say hello to BeeBee Wraps. These beautiful wraps come in a range of sizes - so whether you want to wrap your artisan loaf or make a pouch for dried fruit and nuts on the go, there's a perfect wrap for you.

Your BeeBee has been individually made and may vary slightly in colour, size and detail.

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