GoDRY Wetsuit Hanger


GoDRY Hanger is the perfect accessory to hang and dry your neoprene suit. Easily attach to the side of your vehicle after your surf and let your suit dry quickly without the puddles collecting in your van or car!

Essential for your travels, we don't know how we've gone without one for so long! 

Available with Blue or Green ends.


  • Specially designed for cars, vans and RV´s.
  • Godry Hanger is designed to protect your car from the seawater dripping off your wetsuit.
  • Set up your GoDry Hanger in the shower and you won´t regret it. No more puddles at home. Get your wetsuit dry and ready for the early mornings.
  • Optimal hanging to avoid stretching or folding marks.
  • Designed to let the air flow through the wetsuit for a perfect dry.
  • Your wetsuit is preserved from getting damaged by dirt or rust. It won´t touch walls or the body of your car. Protect it from the sunlight by setting goDry Hanger in the shade.
  • Easy to use and store, super light for carriage. Fits in back packs.
  • For outdoor and indoor uses. Ideal for travellers.


DIMENSIONS 52 x 5 x 5 cm

Red, Green, 

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