Island Feather - Surf / Yoga Leggings

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Size: M

Island Feather - Surf / Yoga Leggings

Island Feather leggings are designed for surf, fitness and everyday use. With their colourful design they guarantee style that will take you from yoga to surf seamlessly. Their flexible lightweight technology feels soft for superior comfort and performance. 

  • Wide, Flat Waistband With External Silicon Wording & Logo.
  • Medium Rise
  • Ankle Length
  • 73% Polyester, 27% Spandex


Multi-Purpose: Their products can be used for both land and watersports including yoga, running, surfing and everyday gym wear.

Moisture Management (wicking & breathable): Island Feather recognise that in hot and cold conditions trapped moisture can negatively impact performance. Fabrics can become heavy as well as cause damage to the skin from chafing. To prevent perspiration from remaining next to the skin, they use wicking fabrics to draw moisture away by capillary action, to the outer layer where it can be evaporated more easily and keep the skin cool and dry.

Durable: Their products have been made with the highest quality fabrics. They are designed to be hard wearing and long-lasting. Their products do not fade with washing or sun exposure.

Flexible 4 way stretch & Minimal Seam Design: Their fabrics offer flexible properties with 4 way stretch for the optimum movement in your sport. They recognise the importance of comfort in your sport so have designed their products with minimal flat lock seams for flexibility, strength & comfort.

Compression: Their compression clothing is close-fitting to support the muscles around the body. Compression clothing improves efficiency and aids recovery minimising delayed onset muscle soreness.

Lightweight: Their light weight fabric allows you freedom in your sport and daily activity.

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