The Surf Fitness Package

The Surf Fitness package is designed to boost your paddling power and general fitness. The package comprises of the Fit2Surf Powerstroke cord and a copy of The Complete Guide to Surf Fitness.
Usually Surf Girl Guide To Surf Fitness  is £19.99 and Fit2Surf Power Stroke Cords is £14.99. We've got the whole package for £29.99!
One of the big challenges for surfers is maintaining surf fitness through flat spells and spells away from the ocean. This book will help surfers maintain their surfing fitness so they are stronger, fitter and have more explosive power. Even for those surfers who live close to the ocean and get to surf nearly every day, a dedicated fitness regime can help to improve their surfing, increase their surftime and prevent injury.
The Surf Girl Guide To Surf Fitness
Brings together experts in fitness and wellbeing to offer a training regime from beginners all the way to pros. The guides in this surf fitness book covers everything from exercise workouts, stretching and flexibility exercises to core strength and resistance training, suggesting all the equipment you will need. This surf fitness book will also teach you how yoga benefits your surfing through technique and focus and how swim training can help you as well. The Surf Girl Guide To Surf Fitness Book will also look at alternative ways to get fit, there’s no need to join a gym as these exercises can be done at home or at the beach. A balanced diet is one of the key factors in improving your performance, and this book will encourage healthy eating resolutions, tips and recipes in order to energize your body for surfing.

The Power Stroke Cord
The Power Stroke Bungee Cord comes with two fully removable bungee cords and two hooks, two handles, two hook spacers and a kidney support.

One cord will give you light resistance, perfect if you are new to exercise or surfing, or if your a developing junior.
Two cords will give you a medium to strong resistance. If you are a regular surfer or swimmer then this should be the right resistance for you.
Fully portable, the Power Stroke Bungee Cord can be attached to door handles, posts or any fixture that is not going to move during exercise.
A double loop can be used to fix the cords around a fixing such as a door handle to prevent them from slipping during use. Similarly the kidney support can be used with larger/broader supports.

The Surf Girl Guide To Surf Fitness RRP £19.99
Northcore Power Stroke Cords RRP £14.99

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