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Sadie Jewellery - 18" Sea Glass Pendant
Sadie Jewellery - Turquoise Droplet Pendant 16”
Sadie Jewellery - Aqua Droplet Pendant 16”
Tegen Jewellery - Delphin Necklace
Tegen Jewellery - Senara Necklace
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Spindrift Free Spirit Necklace
Spindrift Starfish Necklace
Spindrift Surf Necklace
At.Aloha - Surfboard Fin Necklace
At. Aloha - You, Me & The Sea Necklace
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At.Aloha - Wave on Wave Necklace
At.Aloha - Single Wave Necklace
Wanderlust Life - Pink Opal
Wanderlust Life - Pink Opal
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Wanderlust Life - Rainbow Moonstone
Wanderlust Life - Turquoise Necklace
Wanderlust Life Necklace - Chrysoprase 17"
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Wanderlust Life Necklace - Pale Blue
Wanderlust Life Necklace - Sea Glass
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Wanderlust Life Necklace- Lapis Lazuli 17"
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Wanderlust Life Necklace- Pale Pink
'Salt Water' Kalula Necklace
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Kalula - Natural Wood Necklace
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'Rosewood'Blue - Kalula Necklace
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